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Pointing You Toward Better Business Results

We provide research-backed, practical coaching & consulting services to help executives, individual employees, and whole organizations achieve exceptional results.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

1-on-1 guidance to advance your leadership journey

Leadership Development

Group or team growth as we build leadership capacity throughout your organization

Executive & Leadership Assessment

Individual or team exploration of your leadership strengths and roadblocks

Business Transformation

Company-wide enhancements to point your business toward sustainable results you want and need

At Gradient, we use a personalized
process to help you navigate the business landscape.

After our initial conversation, we’ll tailor a plan for
coaching or consulting based on your needs.

We’ve supported the growth of leaders and
leadership teams for over 30 years.

Let’s Unlock Your Impact

“Working with Pat has been instrumental in my development as an executive.”

Monica Belz, President & CEO
Kauai Federal Credit Union

What Gradient Can Do for You

Lead with impact. Build your culture.
Ignite your business results.

Elevate Your Leadership impact

As a leader, you understand that growth and adaptability are vital to success. We’ll empower you to develop the skills necessary to thrive in today’s fast-paced business landscape yet maintain your values and sense of identity. Drawing from our business experience in many industries around the globe, We offer personalized coaching tailored to your unique strengths and challenges.

Inspire a thriving company culture

Your company’s culture is the foundation of its success. Through expertise in organizational psychology, We’ll help you create a positive and motivated work environment that enhances employee engagement, improves retention rates, and boosts overall productivity. Together, we’ll cultivate a culture that nurtures innovation and drives sustainable growth.

Every organization’s culture is a perfect fit for its current results.

To change your results, change your culture.

To change your culture, lead differently.

Amplify Employee Engagement

Passionate, motivated employees are the driving force behind any successful organization. With our guidance, you’ll learn how to communicate the big picture and foster a sense of purpose and belonging among your team, harnessing your team’s collective talents and passions. You’ll witness new levels of commitment and dedication.

Transform Business Operations

The key to continued growth and success is the ability to transform. Companies must adapt and respond to new environments. We’ll collaborate with you to explore this process. How can you manage differently? Approach customer service more holistically? Identify necessary changes to systems and structures? By examining internal and external operations, we’ll help you uncover practical strategies that drive innovation, optimize performance, and maximize profitability.

Start Your Journey to Success

“Pat creates a safe space and challenges me intellectually and emotionally, allowing me to be my best personally and professionally. He has made me a better leader.”

Lance Parker, President & CEO
Alexander & Baldwin

Who We Work With

“Pat was able to strategically guide me through immense professional and organizational change, support and validate my progress when I needed it most, help all of our stakeholders manage major transition, and challenge me to rise to the inherent challenges of true leadership.”

Monica Belz, President & CEO
Kauai Federal Credit Union

Ready to Become a Transformative Leader?

Lead with Impact.
Build your Culture.
Ignite your Business Results.

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