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Every organization’s culture is a perfect fit for its current results.


To change your results, change your culture.

To change your culture, lead differently.

Ultimately, all roads lead to leadership.


Using leadership assessment tools, Pat helps you understand yourself as a leader and guides you in assessing the leadership abilities of those around you.


Understanding your leadership abilities is the first step to grow even greater skills. Pat shows you how to build leadership across all levels of your organization.


Whether advancing to an executive role, feeling stuck, or wanting to accelerate your leadership growth, Pat’s coaching propels you to the next phase, surpassing your expectations.


Learn how to change the business to get the business results you want. Pat steps you through change management, succession planning, culture building, and more.

Lead with impact.
Build your culture.
Ignite your business results.

Patrick R. Powaser, PhD

Meet Pat

At Gradient Coaching & Consulting, Pat guides executives and leadership teams in developing the clarity and critical thinking needed to solve problems and expedite both business and personal growth. With over 30 years of experience as the foundation of his work, Pat is passionate about building impactful, sustainable leadership. His sweet spot is helping leaders discover the “how” of leadership, not just the “what” of generating business results.

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You’ll unlock your strengths to find solutions and see BIGGER results in less time.

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Lead with Impact.
Build your Culture.
Ignite your Business Results.

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